ED Pandemic Planning Resources on The Web

ED has numerous resources to help schools prepare for a crisis, including a pandemic event. The Lead & Manage My School section of the ED Web site offers planning materials and information about seasonal flu as well as pandemic flu planning. Educators can find checklists, sample emergency plans, and strategies to limit the spread of flu viruses. Look for these materials and links to other resources at:


The Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) Technical Assistance (TA) Center offers answers to emergency planning questions and technical assistance. Schools can use an online form to ask questions and request assistance with ERCM-related activities.

The ERCM TA Center conducts trainings on emergency planning, including ways to incorporate an influenza pandemic into crisis plans. These trainings are held separately for grantees and non grantees, and the sites for training rotate among cities around the country. Presentation materials from previous meetings can be downloaded from the center’s Web site under the Trainings link.

In addition to these training materials, the center has a Resources page that includes additional materials and a newsletter about emergency response and crisis management. The center’s Web address is http://www.ercm.org.